Be a Talker


Preparing for test1

Recently, the trend is for English tests to contain a speaking section, not just reading, listening and writing sections. The test type is carefully analyzed by our faculty and a mock exam, which is similar to the real test, is provided, so the test taker is fully prepared for the test.
In order to provide the same conditions as the actual test, the course for test preparation is provided only via Skype video call.

The tutor will correct your pronunciation and expressions during class, and with your permission, the class will be recorded, and the recording will be given to you.
It is highly recommended that you agree to permit the recording and then listen to your answers again after class.

Please note that you have to purchase credits for a personal course and book a class for this course. The course is taken only on Skype.

TOEIC Speaking
TOEFL Speaking
IELTS Speaking
25 minutes