Be a Talker



With a curriculum based on practical use of English for adults, classes consist of various courses that help eliminate fear of speaking English and develop the ability to express one’s opinions logically and freely through repetitive training.

During the first few months, it may seem like you are not getting better fast and this may be frustrating. If, however, you talk with us consistently for at least a year, you will see how much you have really improved.

If you are not confident in your English ability, I recommend that you take the Teenager course first. You will obtain basic knowledge and use easier content to help you learn to think in English.

Job Interview


Basic Grammar

Basic Conversation

Free Talking

English Newspaper


Job Interview

Course description
Basic Grammar

A course to build the basics of English with grammar textbooks.
This course focuses on enhancing English grammar knowledge rather than speaking practice.

Job interview

An English interview preparation course consisting of practical questions and feedback that is closest to a real interview.

We don’t use old outdated textbooks to avoid copyright violations.
Considering the social trends and native English-speaking cultures, we find the most up-to-date contents and develop materials that deal with interesting topics.
In particular, Voice of America’s (“VOA”) Learning English website has many articles that are easy to read if you know about 3,000 essential English words.