Be a Talker



For teenagers, it is highly recommended that they use the English grammar and vocabulary they have learned in class to regularly express their opinions on various topics.

Ideally, they will discuss the pros and cons regarding an issue or freely express their feelings. While talking, they will find their favorite expressions through conversations with our tutor. Through this repetition, they will learn to structure better sentences. Don’t forget to encourage hem to develop a habit of writing an English essay every day before and after class.

All courses are conducted in English only, and if you become confident in English and take various subjects that follow the American public-school curriculum, it will be a great opportunity for them to widen their perspective.

American School Curriculum


Basic Grammar

Basic Conversation






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Course description
Basic Grammar

A course to build the basics of English with grammar textbooks.
This course focuses on enhancing English grammar knowledge rather than speaking practice.

American School Curriculum

Through collaboration with, which is the most popular and widely used for reference in the U.S., we teach English grammar, math, science, and social science, tailored to the U.S. curriculum with a native English speaker. The American School Curriculum course requires purchase of the 3-month plan because we issue student’s ID on the IXL website. This enables parents to objectively check the progress of a student’s class with us on IXL and for students to access IXL at any time to study further what they learned in class.

In addition, American School Curriculum uses Adventure Academy, where students can learn various subjects through games, beyond only using service. We carefully designed all the courses so that students can learn in English without any burden on their studies.

In addition, various courses are designed to improve communication skills through practicing basic conversation, discussing newspaper articles written in English, and debating different issues.