Be a Talker


Who are we?

I’m Young L. Son, the founder and director of Be a Talker.

I am currently working on a master’s degree in English education at the University of Missouri’s School of Education in the United States.

I have been studying English consistently via distance learning for over ten years and this has laid the foundation for my current English conversation skills.

Clear goal

Improve your English

Resonable price

Spoken only in English

Our English courses, which I used my abundant knowledge and experience to design, certainly work for beginner through upper intermediate English learners. Please invest 10 minutes in speaking in English every day. You need to talk in English regularly to improve your English-speaking skills.

I promise that you will be a confident English speaker with us. If you don’t give up and spend at least one year with us, you will definitely see a difference.

10 minutes five days a week is 50 minutes a week and 200 minutes a month.

Think about time spent traveling to and from a traditional English academy in person and time taken away by other students talking during class. They are time wasted. Don’t hesitate to learn with us anymore!

Let’s learn English live with Be a Talker with our experienced tutors!

The director   of   Be a Talker