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Welcome to Be a Talker.
The founder is studying English education
at the University of Missouri in the United States.
We promise to provide you
with the most efficient English-speaking course
through distance learning.

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Course review

Georgios  ㅣ  Greece

I hesitated a lot before I started, but I am completely satisfied with the quality of Be a Talker. It’s no problem to use English at work now!

Paola  ㅣ  Italy

My three-year-old son is learning English through play, not study. Tutors teach my son English carefully following the way American children learn it.

Francisco  ㅣ  Spain

I didn’t have much confidence in my English, but Iimproved through Be a Talker classes. My tutor is very patient and kind.

Heeyun, Seoyeon  ㅣ  Korea

My daughter and I are taking Be a talker classes together. Especially, my daughter has a lot of fun with her tutor every time.

Why with us?

Well designed class and material by experts

The representative teacher is working on a master’s degree in English Education at the College of Education of the University of Missouri. Using the experience and know-how of teaching English to many students around the world, we select and produce the high-quality contents of our classes and help our tutors provide the best education. We do our best to hire only the most talented teachers in the world to provide the best classes at a reasonable cost.

Confidence of professional tutor

All of Be a Talker’s tutors have English education certificates. Only tutors with years of experience and a neutral accent are employed. Neutral accents are welcomed worldwide. Our tutors, who have years of experience, passionately lead our classes.

Take a class at your convenience

You can choose a messenger for class from Skype, Zoom, Jitsi, or Webex. If the Internet is available, you can take a class at your home or office, on the subway, in a cafe, or during overseas travel. You can learn English at your convenience!

A variety of courses for children and adults

Ten minutes is short, but it’s also enough time to have a lot of conversation. We recommend the best course considering the result of your level test and age group. Please invest 10 minutes a day to improve your English. Our tutor calls you at the time you selected and leads you in an interesting conversation. In the case of young children, they will have a lot of fun learning English, starting with phonics, with our tutor two to three times a week. Parents will notice their children’s English improve dramatically!

We know you are busy!

Do you think you are too busy to attend class today? All regular course participants will be given the opportunity to postpone class. You can apply for class postponement up to one hour before class begins.

Save time!

We value your time. If you have internet access, our teachers are able to overcome the constraints of time and space to provide you with fantastic lessons. You can choose video lessons, where you speak face-to-face online, or audio only lessons, where you speak without video. With 10 to 20 minutes of conversation a day, you can definitely improve your English.

Free essay correction service

If you practice writing essays, you will improve your grammar and learn common expressions as well. Of course, better writing helps a lot with speaking. Every course at Be a Talker contains one essay correction service. Your tutor will correct your writing carefully. Even a short sentence is fine, so don’t miss the opportunity!

Be a Talker

Be a Talker’s mission is to enable everyone in the world to learn English at anytime, from anywhere and at reasonable cost.

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